General Standard Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation Agreement - Camping Fuussekaul

In the following the term “rental unit” is valid for mobile homes, safari tents, luxury chalets, camping cars, pitches and other similar accommodations that are offered by the camping.

  1. The Accommodation Agreement is regarded as complete when the rental unit(s) is/are reserved by the guest and confirmed by the Camping. The Accommodation Agreement is also regarded as complete when the booking of the rental unit is not made in writing. A confirmation by the Camping is only definately confirmed, when it is made in writing, either by post, fax or email. Booking confirmations that are sent from other possible booking platforms just become binding when they have been confirmed by the Camping in written form.
  2. If the guest withdraws from the contract before the start of the holiday, the accommodation facility (camping) basically has a claim to the full payment of the contractually agreed service.
  3. The accommodation facility (camping) will make every effort to rent out the rental unit otherwise. If the rental unit(s) can be rented otherwise the revenue thus generated shall be credited. If the rental unit(s) cannot be rented otherwise the accommodation company holds the right to demand the contractually agreed compensation. 

Our cancellation terms:

–       Bookings cancelled up to 60 days prior to arrival are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total costs.

–       In case of cancellation after this date or non-arrival the full fee will be invoiced.

As a general rule the reserved rental unit(s) stand(s) the guest to the disposal from 15:00h on the day of arrival. On the agreed date of departure the rental unit(s) is/are vacated and made available to the Camping by no later than 10:00h.

4. The accommodation contract does not give the guest the right for the provision of a certain rental unit number. In case no rental accommodation can be offered for the guest by the Camping, the tourist accommodation is obligated to offer an equivalent accommodation to the guest.

5. On the day of arrival you should arrive before 18:00h. If this is not possible, the tourist accommodation (camping) shall be informed. Any relevant agreement must be in writing.

If the guest has not arrived until the agreed time on the day of arrival, the tourist accommodation (camping) has the right to rent out the rental unit(s) otherwise.

6. At the conclusion of the accommodation contract the accommodation company retains the right to request an advance of 25% on the invoice amount. This is payable within 14 days. The final amount is to be paid at least 6 weeks before the rental date.

7. The agreed prices are based on the applying statutory value added tax (VAT).

8. Prices indicated in online offerings and print products are inclusive to the actual valid legal value added tax. Price changes for bookings with preliminary lead time longer that 6 months between the day of booking and the day of arrival can be made at any time, without notice.

9. The tourist accommodation (camping) reserves the right to change prices at any time.

10. Payment on invoice is only possible after making special arrangements.

11. Invoices from the accommodation company are due and payable upon receipt of invoice.

12. The above-cited terms and conditions shall apply mutatis for individual and groups holidays.

13. The above-cited terms and conditions shall apply mutatis for camping guests who have reserved a pitch.

Last update: October 2018

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